NAC Conference Committee

The scientific committee is constituted of highly experienced doctors, health care professionals, researchers; to enhance and broaden the expertise of nursing from the global community. The committee is key to the overall supervision and quality control procedures related to the submission, evaluation and selection of presentations and the monitoring of final agenda.

Michael Stark
President, The New European Surgical Academy, Germany.
Michael Stark
Monique Birkel
Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Monique Birkel
Bonnie Pierce
Coaching and Consulting, USA
Bonnie Pierce


Gianpaolo Gargiulo
University Hospital Federico II, Naples, Italy
Vedrana Vejzovic
Malmo University, Sweden
Janean E. Holden
University of Michigan School of Nursing
Is Basic Science Foundational to Evidence-Based Practice
Shira Sadeh
Jerusalem College of Technology
Student satisfaction in clinical rotations according to models of instruction
Sherryon Gordon Singh
Support Nurses to Speak Up - Develop your Leaders
The association between medication adherence and health literacy among diabetic clients- A systematic review
Ahuva Spitz
JCT LEV Institute
Innovative Innovation for Nursing Assistants
Christine Chisengantambu-Winters
Deputy Course Coordinator and First Year Course Advisor, Midwifery and Paramedicine NSW/ACT Australian Catholic University
The Middle Nurse Manager in Need of Support
Badriya Khalifa Al Shamari
Hamad Medical Corporation
Challenges and Gaps in Nursing Research
Louis Filhour
Albany Medical Center, USA
Post Blunt Trauma and the Need for Care and Caring
Annie Russell
Chief Operating Officer for Southern California Permanente Medical Group, USA
The Role of Teams in Extraordinary Care Delivery
Layla Rahim
National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Pakistan
Assessment of Nurses Knowledge Regarding Post MI Sexual Counselling
Patrizia Di Giacomo
Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences, Italy
Does The Attachment Style Influence Self-Care Behaviors and Glycemic Control
Yaquelin Mustelier
Registered Nurse at Ministerio De Salud Publica, Cuba
Nursing Intervention
Berg Judith A
The University of Arizona College of Nursing, Canada
Put Evidence Into Practice Immediately: A Scholarship Initiative at Rady Children’S Hospital San Diego
Fatemeh Zarei
Tarbiat Modares University, Iran
A Mobile-Based Educational Intervention on Sti-Related Preventive Behavior
Mohsin Ali
University of Science and Technology of China, China
A Study on the Influence of Occupational Health And Safety Practices of Nursing Workers In Pakistan
Melissa Stec
College of Nursing, USA
Advancing Research Using App Based Innovations
Louise Roper
HCPC and BPS affiliated North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Application of Cognitive Analytic Therapy in Prison Mental Health
Yacob Mathai
Chief Physician, Marma Heatth Centre, Kerala, India
The Pyrexia Temperature Never Damage the Cells of Brain or Harm the Body
Judith Honeyfield
Department of Nursing, Programme manager short courses: Faculty research lead HENSS
Fostering Inclusive and Longitudinal Educational Outcomes in Bachelor of Nursing Curricular: Partnership for Practice Change

Speaker Competence

Yes, it was a good conference for me. I learnd a lot. The organisation was well done.

- Monique Birkel

Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg, Luxembourg

I appreciate for the help for the successful conference '2019 NAC' .

- Kwon Moon-Hee

Kyungdong University, Korea