ABOUT NAC - 2020

NAC-2020 will be a connecting platform for healthcare researchers, physicians, professionals, nurse practitioners, health care administrators, nurses, RN's, other experts and diagnostic companies to share their research experiences at one platform to understand the underlying biological measures which are amended to increase the effectiveness, accuracy, survivability and quality of life and give care to the patients.

The main objective of this conference is to bring all the eminent people of nursing field together to share their ideas. NAC-2020 will be a good platform to discuss different therapeutic procedures, practitioner techniques and care programs for nurses, researchers and healthcare professionals across the world.

This two-day event will provide a dedicated platform to share pioneering talks from the medical practitioners, researchers, professionals and caregiver initiatives. It dedicates to create a stage for exchanging the latest research results and sharing the advanced research methods. The topic includes the prevention of illness, promotion of health and care.


  • Inspired Speakers
  • Interactive Poster Session
  • Emerging Panel Discussions
  • Networking & Collaboration
  • Opportunity to organize Symposium/Workshop

Motto of NAC-2020

Nursing, Practice and Care 2020 is to provide a global platform to connect and emphasize your knowledge and gain insights in health system.

Renowned Speakers

NAC-2020 conference will include the most influential speakers and keynote lectures who will engage the global audience for the exchange of ideas


The meeting provides ample opportunities to network with your colleagues and connect with people who specialize in your arena and engage in learning and making new connections at NAC-2020.

Speaker Competence

Yes, it was a good conference for me. I learnd a lot. The organisation was well done.

- Monique Birkel

Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg, Luxembourg

I appreciate for the help for the successful conference '2019 NAC' .

- Kwon Moon-Hee

Kyungdong University, Korea